C-5 Archived Downloads

Please mark these downloads as "For Reference Use Only" if they don't already say it. Thanks.
Checklist Insert - AR Guide (Courtesy of Tyler) Tactics on a Page v2.0
Checklist Insert - Brake Temps (Courtesy of Tyler) Aerial Refueling on a Page Summary
Checklist Insert - CAT II ILS [AMP] (Courtesy of Tyler) Weight Bearing Capacity and Fred (Updated 20 Jun 2008 for new FIH info)
Checklist Insert - Emergency Exits (Courtesy of Tyler) Landing Distance and the C-5
Checklist Insert - MissionPlanChecklist (Courtesy of Tyler) C-5 Excel AR Fuel Card Calc
Checklist Insert - Oxygen Considerations (Courtesy of Tyler) AR Fuel Card Cheater
Checklist Insert - Oxygen Mask Preflight Procedures AMC Aviation ORM Worksheet
Checklist Insert - TOLD Estimates How to fill out the online ORM worksheet
Checklist Insert - Atlantic NAT Frequencies Quick Reference NOTAM Q code Cheat Sheet
Checklist Insert - CAT II ILS Quick Reference C-5 Mission Planning Checklist
Checklist Insert - HAZMAT Quick Reference How to load your flight plan to a PCMCIA card using TASM_AWE
Checklist Insert - Approach Lighting EuroControl FIR Boundaries
Checklist Insert - Hydraulic Loss Quick Reference Atlantic OPC Cheater 2006 Edition
Checklist Insert INTL Flying Cheatsheet OPC Chart Labels for Kevin
Pilot Math Cheater C-5 Mission Planning Checklist 2010
C-5 Engine Basics OWS Area of Responsibility Map (with phone #s)
AF Form 4053 (Fuel Card)  
AMC Form 97 (Emergency and Unusual Occurrence)  
Activecard Home Use Software (Get a USB CAC reader first)  
Technical desc of Kalman filter in C-5 GPS (Why GPS/--- is better than triple mix, usually)  
FMS 800 Software User Manual (Courtesy of Steve)  
ATP-56(B) Difference Briefing (C-5 edition)  
C-5 Guide to Filling out the AFTO 781 (Courtesy of Steve)  
Changes to T.O. 1C-5A-1 Feb 2008 (Courtesy of Andy)